Dr. Khandwala’s trip to Belgium, a grand success!

Dr. Khandwala was recently invited to speak at the 1st Urogynecology symposium conducted by the Obstetrics and Gynecology Society of Belgium. There were only two faculty members present who are not part of the Belgium group. Dr. Khandwala was the only American and the other member was from France.

During the symposium Dr. Khandwala demonstrated his innovative surgical techniques for the management of both urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapse. He showed how the success of stress incontinence management could be improved dramatically by using his DISST technique. He also demonstrated how in cases of vaginal prolapse (bulge) the uterus can be spared.

The audience was very excited to see these novel techniques and it led to a lot of discussion. Several doctors even asked Dr. Khandwala if they could come over to the United States to work with him.

Dr. Khandwala is now considering starting a second Fellowship in Urogynecology for international physicians. He already has a Fellowship in place for physicians in the US. This would enable foreign surgeons to work with him for a period of time and learn and understand his innovative techniques.

Dr. Khandwala was able to share the stage with such stalwarts as Professor Jean DeLeval of Liege, Belgium and Professor Delorme of France. These gentlemen have revolutionized the management of female urinary incontinence by creating and discovering innovative surgical procedures.

Dr. Khandwala hopes to continue his international collaboration and has been invited to Tel Aviv, Israel in the near future.