Dr. Khandwala performs live surgeries in France and Belgium

Dr. Khandwala was recently invited by the French Urogynecology Society to perform live surgeries in France. Professor Bernard Jacquetin, the past President of the French Urogynecology Society invited Dr. Khandwala to share his expertise in the novel surgeries that he has been doing.

Dr. Khandwala has pioneered a technique for saving the uterus in patients with uterine prolapse (uterus falling down and sometimes herniating out of the vagina). The surgical technique that Dr. Khandwala has pioneered enables uterine preservation– vaginal hysteropexy surgery.

Dr. Khandwala then flew to Brussels where he performed a live surgery with Dr. Stefan Smajda in a patient who had complete vaginal prolapse. Dr. Smajda was very impressed by his technique and is planning a trip to Michigan this spring for a few days to work closely with Dr. Khandwala.

Dr. Khandwala is very excited about the international Franco-Belgian-American collaboration and plans to advance the science of this field even further.