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  • Prolapse or vaginal bulge affects 1 in 10 women.
  • If the uterus is falling out, a hysterectomy is performed by almost all gynecologists. At AUGM we preserve the uterus and support it back (hysteropexy). WE DO NOT PERFORM A HYSTERECTOMY. Hysterectomy can CAUSE prolapse so how can it be the treatment!
  • At AUGM, we have perfected a technique that is done entirely vaginally (no robot, no laparoscopy and of course no laparotomy (opening the abdomen).
  • Our patients are eating within an hour of the surgery and walking within a few hours and home the next morning.
  • Pain is minimal as the entire procedure is done from inside the vagina and there are no cuts on the outside. We have also perfected a special anesthetic technique to decrease post surgery pain.
  • Our results show that over 95% of patients are cured of the prolapse and remain so for the long term.
  • Our complication rate is minimal ( 0.1% i.e. 1 in 1,000 risk of minor complications and 0% risk of major complications).

  • For large prolapses we use the newer light weight and well-tolerated mesh. Our mesh complications are rare, if at all.  Please refer to our MESH: Understanding the evidence.

  • We have done over 1000 cases of vaginal reconstruction surgery for prolapse and therefore our experience is very unique. The success of any surgery is ultimately dependent upon the skill and experience of the surgeon, the correct indication and the healing ability of the patient.


So, why not keep your uterus and fix this problem once and for all from within the vaginal wall

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